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I’ve started my personal hardships essay for college

Childhood, a time of happiness, learning, and innocence, but when it is coldly ripped from you by the cruel realities of the world, only the learning remains. My mother left us at a very early age and I was forced to be the caretaker of two by the age of eleven. I made the ultimate sacrifice for my family as I poured all of my time in improving the quality of life for my brothers. As time slowly progressed my father fell into heavy alcoholism to cope with the pain of his loss, and the stress caused by his work. As elementary school progressed, I became the target of constant harassment for being unnaturally silent, few words ever escaped my mouth, as I coped with the harsh reality that I dwelled in, tears welled upon my face each day, for I was losing everything around me, friends, family, and possessions. By the time sixth grade

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